WATCH: Beware Of Fake Bitters - Research Scientist Cautioned

There are over 50 bitters in town, and do you think you have chosen the right Bitters, which wouldn’t be harmful to your health or body??

Dr. Osafo-Mensah Stevens, a high-volume Ghanaian research scientist & development manager of the country’s leading beverage Manufacturer Corporation, Kasapreko Company Limited to be exact has strongly notified consumers and general public to extra vigilant of random bitters they take in on daily basis or occasionally. He strongly made and emphasized on this relevant caution in a video, where he accordinglydemonstrated a scientific proof reveal how one can identify authentic bitters without venomous.

Kasapreko Alomo Bitters

“My training doesn’t permit me to be unconcern about matters like this. Without said I have in my hands some scientific materials to serve as evidence to my warning against Fake Bitters and how to identity one.” – Dr Osafo-Mensah.

In the video, you will notice two different watery in tubes been held by Dr. Osafo-Mensah. One contains Saponis (A scientific substance) whilst the other stays true to itself without any chemical or substance been poured or added According to the science and herbal professional, If the Saponis is added to an alcohol substance and it foams for more than two minutes, a further investigation must be initiated.

Brief Feed on the Researcher:

Dr. Osafo-Mensah Stevens as stated above currently works with the Kasapreko Company Limited – Ghana’s most well-known and highly endorsed Beverage manufacturer. Records reveal that he has worked with the center of Scientific Research into Plant Medicine, positioned at Mampong , Akwapim for over 30 years. He studied at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi and Alumni of fourth oldest University of the English speaking world and one of Scotland’s four universities – the University of Glasgow.

Below rest the full video of Dr. Osafo-Mensah Stevens scientific demonstration, freeing True Authentic Bitters from the Unreal ones.

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