There are certain things we can live without in life, but, unquestionably it does not include the affection of a mother. I understood better the immeasurable love of a mother for her child when I had the privilege to be a mum for the first time. There are countless reasons why the celebration of mothers is absolutely indispensable. In a conversation with some friends, I asked with interest what they would like to say to their mothers on MOTHER’S DAY. Their responses were: “Thank you mum for everything; thank you for your prayers and being a blessing to me and my siblings; well-done mum, I appreciate you for all that you have done and still do for me” With these thankful replies, I thought of two endearing attributes that easily encapsulate the value of a mother in the life a child.

A mother’s love for her children is not dependent upon anything other than, in response to God’s precious gift to her. The moment a baby is birthed by the mother, her absolute love for that child begins. Her exceptional care, attention and devotion have no bounds. It does not matter the extent to which a child may offend, whether, by action or words, a mother would hardly or ever disown her child. A mother would ensure her children are protected, sheltered and fed, even if it means sacrificing the inconceivable. Even when instructing her children, a mother would do so in love, to ensure that her children become strong emotionally, disciplined and grow up into confident and respectable adults.

There is no better friend and help to have, than the presence of a mother’s mammoth support for her children in any form or kind. A genuine mum would always be willing to be prevalent for her children in both the happy and challenging times of life. Her support and care have no time-bound, and she would do anything to ensure that her children are happy and healthy; whiles imparting into them the fear of God and respect for others. She is a mother for life irrespective of living her own dreams in addition to raising her children. She graduates from being a mother to a grandmother and even a great-grandmother, because her precious role never ends until her strength can permit her no more.

It is without a qualm that mothers should be honoured for their immense contributions and hard work invested in the lives of their children. You should never boggle in showing them how valuable and extraordinary they have been to you; not only on such occasions but anytime you get the opportunity to do so. A mother’s greatest joy is to see her children mature into noble and responsible adults and therefore deserves an appreciation for her love, affection and support. We should constantly grapple the opportunity to show our admiration to mothers, because they bring life into the world, nurture and provide until they are incapable of doing so. Happy Mother’s Day, to my adorable mum (Mrs. P.K.O) and to all the hard working mothers and would-be mothers. God bless us all!
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Hello! Born Godfred Oppong Kesse but popularly known as Nana Kesse is CEO of NK Connect Africa,, TouchOne Radio, Kesse TV, NK Foundation Ghana and He's award nominee blogger, writer, online photographer and broadcast journalist. The Content Manager and Publicist for 3Tymz Vibration Recordz and Enesta Productions.

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