PHOTOS: Visit Sarova Hotels, Resorts, Game Lodges in Kenya with Kaya Tours

It’s time for a new kind of holiday experience. No matter how and where you spend your holiday vacation, try and make it one that acknowledges the African theme, Cultural delight, splendor, historic towns, geological wonders, music, Food, Arts, People and more.

Kaya Tours Ghana Ltd among other travel and tour professionals including the media got an opportunity from RwandAir to explore its routes to East Africa from Accra through Lagos to Kigali and Mombasa. The 5 nights, 6 days familiarization trip was sponsored by SAROVA Hotels, Resorts, Game Lodges, Kenya, East Africa.

The pleasure to fly on RwandAir Airbus A330-200 from Accra through Lagos to Kigali was one of a kind. The standard of the aircraft and the service on board was the best that I have come across in my travels in recent times.

I had the opportunity to tour the business cabin after we landed in Kigali and the crew members were so nice and friendly. The final destination of our journey was in Kenya, Taita County and Mombasa.

Reasons why you have to spend your vacation, getaway and holidays at Sarova Hotels;
There is variety to choose from. Sarova Hotels is one of the largest chains of hotels and lodges in Kenya and East Africa. The sales Manager of Sarova Whitesands, Josepheine Muanzi who met us at Mombasa airport is an epitome of destination management professional.

Our journey of the expedition began from the Voi train station where we got fist class cabin to to Taita Taveta County where Sarova Hotels owns a game lodge and a privately owned wildlife sanctuary, 220 kilometers from Mombasa. After the long hours of flight some of the participants were so exhausted but upon reaching the conservancy through the Red dusty rolling hills and seeing animals like buffaloes, giraffes, Zebras, Antelopes etc our curiosity was heightened. The sanctuary was unbelievable with wild pristine fantastic game viewing.

Taita Hills and Sarova Saltlick is certainly one of the most luxury Bush accommodation I have ever come across in Africa providing the right environment for rare species, wonderful bed, night safaris in utterly safe environment. What an Experience!

If you have ever been on a Bush holiday waking up to find an elephant, buffalo or lion outside your room can be thrilling.

The breathtaking views during the day and night was awesome. The biggest surprise was the dinner in the bush with burning fire, music, dance and cultural performances from the village folks, a combination so refreshingly and satisfying.

After showcasing what Sarova Hotels have to offer in terms of Bush wildlife, we were then transported to Mombasa for to experience the marine coral reefs, snorkeling, sand bath, camel walking, the Whitesand beach resort, the culture, food, Night life, people, quality service and the history of kenya.

As we traverse the world together, we are transformed by its cultures, colors , landscapes to become a part of something bigger than ourselves.

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Thanks to RwandAir for giving us this amazing opportunity.

‘fly the dream of Africa’

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