Responsible Parenting
Responsible Parenting

Children are absolute gifts and a blessing to parents; hence their safety should be a priority. Most parents would admit that parenting is not the easiest job in the world but worth every bit of the experience that comes along with it, especially when you see your kids happy and healthy. There is no single book that covers the art of parenting; that is how, when and what has to be done. However, a fundamental truth all parents would admit to, is the importance of being responsible for their kids. Conversely, with the growing necessity for both parents to work hard to cater for their families, it has become indispensable to involve other people in the nurturing of kids other than schools; for instance family relations, friends or employ the service of nannies. The motivation for writing this article was after a parent narrated to me two incidences that took place. This article seeks to bring to the attention of parents, the need to be extra cautious with the people or institutions they entrust the care of their kids.

Incidence A
A mother came home late from work assuming her children were asleep with their housekeeper as it was the daily routine. Together with the husband they went to bed and woke up in the morning to prepare the kids for school, only to be told by the housekeeper that they never returned from school. These parents were saved by the headmistress of the school their kids attended as she offered them a shelter for the night when every attempt contact their parents proved futile.

Incidence B
On this occasion, both parents arrived at their residence and upon further questioning from their housekeeper or caretaker who was then busily watching a movie, about the where about of their children. Upon hours of search, the two kids were nowhere to be found in the house. Later on, both kids were found drown in the house. This is the worst form of loss any parents can experience.

Reasons why you must be responsible:
Your God-given Responsibility
Children are a blessing given to parents and therefore have the responsibility to cater for them, until when they have become physically, mentally, financial and psychologically matured to handle their own affairs. In actual fact, parenting has no end, as parents’ graduates into grand-parents and then the cycle is repeated from generations to generations. It is therefore, a curse not to cater for your children or accept your responsibility as a parent. How well a child turns out to be in their adult life largely depends on how well they were catered for by their parents.

Natural Connection
Naturally, especially with mothers, from the time you feel your baby’s kicks inside of you that is the beginning of a bonding process which can last for a lifetime. Due to this special bonding kids have with their mothers, they freely express themselves and are very comfortable around them and of course with fathers who make their presence felt at home. Parents tend to know their kids better when they are involved in their nurturing and therefore should be in the position to handle their kids better. Parents should have the desire to avail themselves and spend quality times with their children and support them in everything they do.

Better in Controlling Your Children
Due to the natural connection parents have with their children, they are in a better position to correct, direct, discipline and advise them in love. This natural bonding makes parenting task much easier as they will not, for instance, require the permission of anyone to discipline their children. Also, the position of parents allows them to better control and manage the behaviour of their children from infancy until they grow up, which is very vital in nurturing kids.

A Sense of Fulfilment
No parent caters for their child with the aim of receiving praises per say but obviously do so because of the position they occupy and the responsibility that comes with it. There is an inexpressible joy that can only be experienced when parents take full responsibility in nurturing their kids. No one can take your place and position as a parent, especially when you have that natural bonding or connection with your children.

Responsible parenting demands to ensure that your children are well catered for even when they are not in your care. There is nothing like being too protective, you are better off doing so to avert any bad situation from happening. Most importantly, remember God is the ultimate protector and thus never forget to ask for His protection for your children.

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