A Caucasian angel defeating a dark-skinned devil

Ghanaians have reacted angrily to a ‘racist’ statue commissioned by the Catholic Church in Ghana.

The statue is reportedly unveiled at the Tepa Roman Catholic Grotto in Manfo in the Brong region and it depicts a Caucasian angel overpowering a dark-skinned devil beneath its feet.

Ghanaians on social media strongly condemned the statue as racist, giving credence to the white supremacist ideology since its photo was posted on Facebook on Monday.

The Caucasian angel with white wings and straight hair is also depicted having dressed like a Roman soldier and holding a sword while the dark-skinned devil is also depicted with nappy hair as it lays down defeated.

Yaw Amoffaya Amofah Antwi who first posted the photo of the statue on Facebook called on the Tepa Roman Catholic Grotto to immediately pull it down.

“This is soo disgusting n annoying. I just saw this at tepa manfo Roman Catholic grotto. Where did we go wrong as black pll. Satan is black n the angel is white. Mental slavery [sic],” he said, demanding the “Catholic Church (Tepa manfo grotto) shd dismantle this statue immediately. It’s an insult to the black race. It’s an insult to Africans. It’s an insult to Ghanaians. I’m so sad n weak. Why always black?? [sic].”

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