Kobby Kyei shares the vision for his
Kobby Kyei shares the vision for his "Polish Till You Shine"

It’s the vision of a cobbler to polish a shoe with his polish and brush to have a shiny outcome in order to make the shoes look presentable.

That’s how you should be determined about your dreams and aspirations.

Give birth to that idea which will come to being. ”

Till you shine you have to keep polishing. You have a destiny to fulfill something greater than you have ever imagined.

Believe in God and take off the “average” label you have given yourself. I want to use a friend’s story to motivate you this very day, I started seeing him making T-shirt which had “Polish Till You Shine” designed on it which happened to be a charity foundation too.

I was wondering why He chose that name for this Vision.  Since there is no smoke without fire, I decided to interact with him about it.

Below is a dialogue between The CEO of “Polish Till You Shine FOUNDATION” and Myself.  He is in the person of Augustus Koranteng Kyei but popularly known as Kobby Kyei. An alumni of University of Education, Winneba. Degree in Music education.

AnnieJoy: Kobby, Why the name polish till you shine for your foundation and other products but no other name?

Kobby_Kyei: I chose that name for my foundation and other projects based on my childhood experiences. My Dad is a Fire Service Man and He plays the trumpet too. So he always use to called me to polish his shoes and trumpet for him. I always made sure both items shined before given them back to him.

As time went by, I developed the idea of inspiring people to work hard to see their dreams come true, when I was a child. But I had to develop the idea by bringing it to reality in my tertiary level of education. The daily activity of always Polishing my Dad’s shoes and making sure it shines brought about me choosing this particular name for my foundation and other projects because I saw something in that duty.

I discovered something through polishing the shoes and trumpet .If I can polish a material thing with the passion and determination of making it shine, then I need to polish my dreams and make sure they shine and shine well.

AnnieJoy: Kobby, so what’s the vision behind this “Polish Till You Shine” movement. And what should GHANA and the world expect from you?

Kobby_Kyei: Polish Till You Shine is a campaign for the young minds of this time and time to come concerning the reason to live; to find out who they are through their capabilities and potentials.

PolishTillYouShine thrives on the purpose of a purpose for life. Thus applying essential door-openers to life. Of which are reason/purpose, consistency and persistence above all focus and passion. Also, Polish Till You Shine is a foundation which is helping less privileged and kids with disability.

PolishTillYouShine- Give life, Live life.

AnnieJoy: I see… such an inspiration and determination. Let me ask, are you building this dreams all by yourself or you have some people supporting the polish till you shine movement?

Kobby_kyei: Yes, I have someone supporting me.. I have a partner in the States called Edna who’s supporting me to achieve this dream foundation of which We are officially launching in December.

AnnieJoy: Good to know. I must confess, I am really motivated and moved by your story. God bless you Kobby. Your last words to the world…

Kobby_kyei: one thing I know is, with God on our side. We shall live to fulfill our dreams and visions .

This vision is to make the world a better place for the less privileged and help others discover their potentials and capabilities.

Polish till you shine. Give life, Live life. Support the dream and let’s make our world a better place for all.

AnnieJoy: Kobby, thank you for sharing your vision with us and I pray God in Heaven who Has already seen you through will accomplish what He has already started.God bless you. You can follow him on his social media platforms:

Twitter – @kobby_kyei
Instagram – kobby_kyei_gh
Facebook Kobby Kyei
Email [email protected]

Remember, “Everyday is a discovery of new things and the new you, that needs to come into existence.” (AnnieJoy )

My dear carpenter, discover something from your carpentry. Never take whatever you do in life for granted or for doing sake.

Just polishing his Daddy’s shoes and trumpet  gave him this great vision. You being part of life gives life a meaning. Polish till you shine. Don’t forget whatever you are doing you need to polish till you shine. Don’t give up.

How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.

(William Shakespeare)
Believe in your little dream, remember the bigger plant use to be small. It’s all about focus, determination, persistency and hardworking and letting God lead. Whatever you do. Do it and do it well.

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