We must unify religions – UG lecturer


Religious affairs lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon, Ben-Willie Golo says Ghana can further douse religious tensions by working on measures to unify religions.

The comment comes on the back of the enormous praise the National Chief Imam has received for visiting a church as part of his 100th birthday celebration.

According to the academician, Ghanaians must understand that religion is to promote harmony among people and not to divide them.

“From afar, I believe the Chief Imam is very peaceful. He believes in peace and unity and is driven by his religion which preaches peace. Hardly will you hear of Sheikh Shaributu in the news for the bad reasons. When we refer to religion, we are not just talking about religious ideas.

“What we can do to deepen the religious coexistence in Ghana today is to have the state to come up with conscious attempts to unify religions,” he told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Tuesday.

Also commenting, head of the Christian Council of Ghana Rev. Dr. Cyril Fayose said the Christian community is proud of their relationship with the Islamic community under the leadership of Sheikh Shaributu.

“On behalf of the Christian Council of Ghana, we wish the National Chief Imam a happy happy birthday. We ask for good health and strength for him. May he live a 100 more years.

“We’ve organized peace walks prior to elections together with the office of the Chief Imam on a number of occasions. We must move away from the acrimony and hostility that has come to characterize our nation. The Chief Imam is a very peaceful man. As Ghanaians, we should walk in peace just like the Chief Imam”.

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