Sword of Inspiration
Mightier Sword Series

Author: Kwabena Ofosu Faakye

  • ORGINAL TRUE COPY: When God created you He didn’t use a mold, He used His hands and He will never use His hands that way again.

Word of Inspiration“you have no copy, please be yourself”.

  • SELF-WORTH: Man is the measure of the things. All things equal you. In fact, you can’t be bought. Paul puts it right … “Ye are bought with a price.”

Word of Inspiration“you are not for sale; please remove the for sale sign on your body”.

  • SELF-VALUE: You are where you go. You are what you eat. Your company is your cabinet ministers. Go to the right places, eat the right food and keep excellent company. Then you have added value to your life (i.e. Yourself).

Word of Inspiration“Please if you will not be the table cloth don’t be the dish rag”.

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