E/R: KG pupils use logs as chairs under trees to study


Pupils of Wurapong M/A Primary School in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern region resort to wood logs as chairs to study under trees.

The harsh conditions under which the pupils learn is discouraging parents from enrolling their children of school going age for fear of endangering their lives.

Teachers are compelled to close early when the clouds gather as the school population battle with all kinds of reptiles to acquire knowledge.

Established in 1947 with six-unit pavilion classroom structure built from bricks, Wurapong Primary School has never seen any major renovation. This has affected effective teaching and learning.

The school structure from class one to six is in tatters with dusty floors exposing teachers and pupils to harsh weather conditions and infections.

“The nature of the school structure is demoralizing teachers anytime they set foot into the classrooms,” a teacher told Starr News on condition of anonymity.

The woefully inadequate teaching and learning materials including text books is also a major worry to the teachers.

The school has no computer lab for ICT practicals but writes examination on the subject. Also, it has no office therefore a few teaching and learning materials are kept in a private residence.

Most Teachers in the School commute about three miles to School from Klo -Agogo everyday due to lack of teachers’ bungalow.

Currently the school has a population of 141 pupils made up of 80 Boys and 61 Girls.

The Education Directorate in the region is yet to respond to calls to give the school a facelift.

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