CID boss must halt the jokes


The Director General of the Criminal Investigations Department CID of the Ghana Police Service, Mrs Maame Tiwa Addo Dankwa has caused a stir with her recent press conference.

At the press conference, she publicly pronounced that the CID and the BNI have finally located the where about of the three girls from Takoradi who have gone missing for more than 200 days.

The next thing many Ghanaians anxiously wanted to hear from her a definite time frame that the girls would be brought to reunite with their distraught family.

However, she surprisingly ended up by saying that she could not give further details about the situation because it could jeopardise the ongoing investigations.

This meant that she only sought to assure the highly fretful public that the girls were still alive, a normal rhetoric that has been on the lips of the police since they were kidnapped. With the greatest due of respect, does this not sound funny?

Is Maame Tiwa not aware that she had already jeopardised the investigation process by disclosing that they have discovered their location?

Do we need a rocket scientist in criminal investigations to inform the CID boss that the kidnappers would quickly change the location of these innocent girls especially if the security apparatus do not have firm control and hold of them?

Well, as the head of all criminal investigations in the country, it could be that perhaps she is holding on to something that nobody else knows regarding the kidnapped girls.

However, her assertion that the CID and BNI have finally located the location of the girls but could not give further details so as to safeguard their investigations was nothing but a big joke.

It’s been long since they have been gone and their parents and the country at large have endured a lot of pains in their hearts with the empty promises, assurances and the police rhetoric.

Therefore, her assurance at the press conference only added to the series of empty promises from the police that have characterised the disappearance of these innocent girls.

By the way, how do we trust that this time, Maame Tiwa is right and that the girls have been found or located when similar promises in the past yielded no results?

For nothing at all, we should take cognisance of the fact that we are not dealing with mere stolen items or good here but precious lives of human beings. “I can’t think madness” but if the press conference was meant to build confidence in Ghanaians that the CID under Maame Tiwa is on top of issues, then I am afraid to say it backfired. Few months ago, operatives of national security worn masks to build the confidence of electorate at Ayawaso but ended up causing mayhem. The CID has caused mental agony, emotional torture and psychological trauma to the hearts of the parents of the kidnapped girls and their families with their version of the confidence building initiative. Seriously, the jokes in this country are becoming one too many in recent times.

The CID’s public announcement would continue to become a hoax or a mere joke if they are not able to produce the girls in the next couple of days. After all, their location is now known so the CID and the BNI should be able to link up with Interpol or the relevant agencies to facility the immediate release of the girls.

The families now need no other assurance than to have their precious girls reunited with them.

I simply cannot wait to be the first person to praise and congratulate Maame Tiwa Addo Dankwa should the girls be brought tomorrow. For they are citizens and I am a CITIZEN too.

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