George Afriyie declaring his Presidential intention is ‘wrong’ – Osei Palmer
George Afriyie has expressed interest in contesting for the GFA presidency

Owner and bankroller of Tema Youth FC, Mr. Osei Kwaku Palmer, has revealed Kwesi Nyantakyi had no prior notice of his Vice President, George Afriyie’s intention to contest for the GFA presidency in 2019.

According to the Executive Committee member of the Football Association, it was wrong and of bad timing for George Afriyie to declare his intentions to contest since the current President has not publicly declared he will not avail himself for re-election.

“It amounts to misconduct for George Afriyie to announce his candidature and I can boldly say President Nyantakyi had no idea of his Vice President’s intentions”, Palmar said.

“George is my brother but he misconducted himself with the way and manner he declared his intention. If he had told me he would declare his intention I would have advised him against it,” Palmer told a local radio station on Wednesday morning.

The candid football administrator insisted the Association is yet to open applications for people to contest the election which is one year away and the fact that they were currently working on programmes to make the game better is enough reason for George Afriyie to exercise patience.

“To declare your intention when we are working to make the game better shows that George has a different agenda from the federation which is bad considering that he is the vice president of the GFA”, he added.

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