2019 Alema Dance Competition launched, calls for audition – See dates


Rise to the challenge of becoming a star through skillful dance moves and fantastic formations. It is the time to make some dreams real for dance crew in every region across Ghana.

The maiden edition “ALEMA DANCE COMPETITION” has officially been launched in Accra, Friday February 1, 2019. The competition is geared towards finding one unique dance group through skillful dance moves and fantastic formations.

“ALEMA” is an international brand, under the auspices of International Entertainment Group-(IEG), Bollywood (India). It has through the classical and professional film production firms in Africa sought to support the music and dance cultural industry.

The 2019 Alema Dance Competition, is organizing auditions throughout the regions of Ghana. The organization is freely registering and scouting out for talented dance crew/group of 5-to-10 dancers and above 18-years, to compete on one big stage, in the challenge of dance moves and skillful formations.

This dance reality show will be running for 16-20 weeks in competition, with 1st Prize of 25,000, 2nd Prize 15,000 and 3rd prize 7,000ghc for the three emerging dance crew at the end.

The 2019 Alema Dance Competition is here, and auditions to create such great opportunities for young talented dance crew in Ghana have begun.

International Entertainment Group-(IEG), Bollywood (INDIA) with its international brand “ALEMA” is proud to be in partnership with GH MEDIA SCHOOL in executing this dance group reality show.

The call for the audition has begun and the dates are as follows:

Cape Coast Audition – 16th Feb, 2019.

Kumasi Audition – 23rd Feb, 2019.

Accra (Grand Audition) – 2nd Mar, 2019.

Interested persons /groups can call the following numbers for inquiries: 0552113111 / 0240042560

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